Trail Status


SORBA West Georgia is building on a positive, productive, 6+ year relationship with our Cobb County land manager. The Chapter is planning to build 7 to 8 miles of new trail on Allatoona Creek Park land behind Frey Elementary and Durham Middle School. The trails will maximize flow and be youth-friendly to complement the exploding popularity of high school mountain bike racing in the area. SORBA West Georgia is raising funds to secure trail design assistance, equipment rental, and materials. The trail will be part of the 35+ mile Allatoona Creek Mountain Bike Trail System.

The 2017 IMBA Dig In Campaign is putting dollars directly toward 68 active, approved mountain bike projects in 31 states, including ours. Collectively, these IMBA chapter projects represent 500 miles of new trails, the maintenance/improvement of another 140 miles of trails, and 10 new bike parks/ pumptracks. From massive, multi-use singletrack systems of 20 miles or more to an area’s first-ever bike-only DH trail to high school mountain bike racing courses, these 68 projects will improve communities, change lives and make mountain biking even more awesome.

Now through December 31, 2017, make a tax-deductible donation to the project near you; donate to all of the projects at once; or shop with one of our partners that is kicking back a portion of profits to these hard-working chapters. Each project will get an equal cut of corporate funds IMBA raises for Dig In and the rest is up to you. Click here for more information!