Join us Saturday April 20th for the first BIG workday of the year. The Great Toona Flood of 2019 is over and we’ve got a lot to do to get ready for the season. We’ll need all hands on deck because we’ll have to have 2 groups for this one:

Group #1 : Calling all you Ol’ School HARD CORE Toona riders! I’m talking about everybody that likes to complain that the trails aren’t technical enough. Time to put your money where your mouth is and help us finish the last section of Hocus Pocus. There’s almost a mile left to be built and it will probably take a good part of the day to do it. So come on, give up one Saturday and make Toona great again.

Group #2 : For those of you who want to help but might not be up for an ALL day event, we’ve got something exciting for you. There’s 6 new miles of trail yet to be named out past the bridge. We need help finishing some of the rough cut tread so that we can open it soon. This is your chance to build something new that will remain for years and create a great legacy for your favorite park..

Bring your friends, family and a good attitude. We’ll provide tools, lunch and good KARMA.